Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fanplastic free?
A: Yes, Fanplastic is free to use. There may be some features and functionality that may be added to Fanplastic in the future that may require a fee in order to use those features and functionality, but you are under no obligation to use those features and functionality. We'll be sure to let you know if any upgrade fees are required.


Why did the scanning of my digitized card not work at the check-out?
A: Some check-outs are still using older scanning technologies, such as laser or flatbed scanners, instead of the modern camera based image scanners. But don't worry, if this happens, simply ask the person at the check-out to manually enter your loyalty/reward card number. This can be found by clicking on the "Problem Scanning?" button when you view your loyalty/reward card.


Does Fanplastic store any of my personal information?
A: Fanplastic does not collect or store any data on your purchases. If you create a Fanplastic account for Backup & Card Syncronization purposes, we will collect and store your name and email address. We will also collect other anonymous usage statistics, which will help us optimize Fanplastic for our users. If you purchase products and services displayed on our Fanplastic Deals page, you will be directed to the third party that is offering the products and services and any information that you submit to them or information that is captured and stored by them will be subject to their privacy policy. If you would like to view Fanplastic's Privacy Policy, please CLICK HERE.


Why are some loyalty and rewards cards not pre-installed?
A: We have tried to gather the most extensive list of loyalty and reward cards out there. If you have a loyalty or reward card that is not displayed in Fanplastic, you can easily add the card by clicking on the "add" button in the top right corner of Fanplastic. You can then add your own card title, a description, and the loyalty/reward card number.


When I scan my loyalty or reward card, the number that is displayed on Fanplastic is different from the number that is written on the card? Why is this?
A: The number on the card and the number that is captured and stored in the barcode are not necessarily the same. The reason is that barcodes sometimes contain additional numbers/digits which are needed for the scanning system at the check-out. If you find that the number on the card is different from the number that is captured and stored in Fanplastic, you can manually add the number displayed on loyalty/reward card in the "notes" section of the card that is stored in Fanplastic. This will allow you to ask the person at the check-out to manually enter your loyalty/reward card number.



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